Fancy to meet an Indian celebrity?

Movie stars, TV actress, famous models, Tik Tok celebrity, print ad models, TV commercial model or a very elegant air hostess ?

You’ve come to the right place.

But wait ! Our diamonds are not for everyone.

The most elite Indian celebrities and VIP models are only available to our VIP Members or VIP clients who have availed our services over the period of time.

Celebrities who work with us have full faith in India By Night. So if you want to meet one the celebrities through us we must build that trust. Discretion is very important and in this ear of super fast communication we can never be too careful.

We care for each of your celebrity “friend” as we care for you. Thus we have a policy of screening each VIP client very thoroughly before offering VIP Models/Celebrities.

No one can deny power of money ! But at times money is not all it takes. We have approach and we deliver.

No names can be discussed, obviously. But we can guarantee you even A-Grade Stars from both, Bollywood and TV Industry. We collaborate with stars from mainstream Hindi cinema and TV as well as from South India and Tollywood.

India By Night can unlock many doors for you.

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